Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Pregnancy update - 37 weeks

Last time I said that time seemed to have flown by and I couldn't believe how near to the end of pregnancy I am. 
This week everything is going very slowly! Including my walk...

I'm finding it hard to comprehend what life with a baby will be like, but at the same time I cannot wait to loose this huge writhing mass of a belly. I know it won't ping back to its original shape the day after I deliver but to be able to use my stomach muscles, or lay on my front will be wonderful!

Both Jamie and I are now finding planning things quite difficult, from work meetings, to meeting friends, in the time BB (Before Baby). 
Then working out if we will be able to do things we want to AB (After Baby). 
In an ideal world, baby will be laid back and so will we so we can go to peoples houses, have day trips and other things. But we may be up-tight and worried parents and baby maybe fussy and never sleep.

Anyway this is meant to be updating you on pregnancy not my random wondering and worries.

Clothes are now a major problem, I still have 4 dresses that fit me, but my leggings have now become a little tight and finding tights that fit is near impossible. So I have been resorting to Jamie's joggers :)

The mid-wife complemented me on my egg like belly - she said it was lovely, but that I shouldn't expect it to be this smooth and neat next time I have a baby... I can't believe she is already thinking about me doing it again!

It is my last day at work tomorrow, I have been baking some cakes today to treat everyone with. I just hope they turn out ok! I'm totally excited to finish work, it will be sad to leave for 9 months, but I'm very tired and I'm so ready to get my nest-on!

There haven't been many other developments, we are now cleaning, sorting, and waiting ...

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