Friday, 20 September 2013

Awesome Autumn

Last year I posted 10 reasons why I love Autumn, I feel this subject is most definitely worth a yearly re-visit. 

Often Autumn gets a raw deal, especially in our house because Jamie HATES winter and just sees Autumn as foretaste of what is to come.

Every year I make it my mission to point out all of the awesome things about Autumn. 
Last year we foraged and made yummy food and wine (we don't know if the wine is yummy or not yet as we are waiting until i'm allowed to drink it!)

We visited Formby with my parents, formby is a beautiful forest and beach near Liverpool. It was a brisk and bright autumn day and the trees were stunning.

I experimented with pumpkins, discovering spicy pumpkin soup and other yummy treats. Soup is a great comfort food that I can't appreciate in warm weather so i'm excited about embracing soup again this year :)

And I knitted myself a hat, maybe I should knit Jamie a hat, that might make him feel a little better about the cold!

This autumn is going to be extra special, because we will be welcoming baby in to our family. 
It seems Autumn is the time we celebrate everything! It is both of our Birthdays, our wedding anniversary (last year we visited Conwy for our wedding anniversary) and will be baby's birthday too! 

I really can't understand Jamie's loathing of Autumn, but then I am one of those annoying people who genuinely loves most weather and I get quite excited about every change in season. 

I hope you will join me in kicking up the crispy leaves once they fall from the trees.

I almost forgot another reason to celebrate the season - The new series of Downton!!! 

How could I forget, I'm on the edge of my seat already and it isn't on until Sunday!

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