Wednesday, 11 September 2013

My oldest friends

Growing up I had four amazing friends. We got up to all the usual crazy teenager shenanigans and supported each other through - first loves, heartbreak, huge changes in family circumstances and what ever life threw at us. Even through our squabbles and inevitable girl bitchiness we always had each other. What is so amazing about these four is that I know they are still there for me even though I only get to see them twice a year, and rarely call (because I am terrible at that!) 

All five of us haven't been together for a really long time! It was so great to catch up, we had a lovely time, so good that I forgot to get a photo of all of us! I know they will all complain about the photos I did manage to get, but that is half the fun ;)

Catherine and Katie - 

Kayleigh and Hayley

We are all going through such different things now, but that doesn't matter. We were joined by Hayley's adorable little girl Isabelle. Somehow I didn't get a photo of her either. She provided much entertainment and made me very excited for our little one!

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