Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Photos from my phone

These Photos span the whole of September! Where has the time gone? 
(I totally sound like an old lady)

One of the last bumble bees of this year.

While Lucy was visiting Alison came for the day and we baked raspberry cheese cake and an awesome autumnal pie. 

I lived with Alison and Lucy during the university years, and we regularly sat on the kitchen floor together.  

My card from work, I love it! (Incase you don't know that is baby chewy from star wars). I am going to miss my colleagues loads while i'm away looking after baby.

 Beautiful sunflowers from my Ladies house group. They are a constant blessing to me :)

Red pepper soup, it tasted so nice, i may share that recipe too. I'm not a brilliant cook or baker, but i do enjoy it and its nice to share when something goes well. I have already made 3 different soups because it is autumn :)

This is the beautiful Claire showing off her hand decorated vest for my baby. I am being thoroughly spoilt. 
I have been treated to a blessing evening at my house group, which involved lovely gifts for me and baby, as well as lots of cake. Last Sunday I was thrown a baby shower which was really fun and involved decorating hundreds of vests and onesies. And next Sunday the brilliant Ladies from my church are getting together and we are having 'Afternoon tea for the mum to be' 

I better get my butt in gear and stop slobbing around in my pyjamas, I have blog posts to write!

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