Thursday, 18 July 2013


I am pretty keen on looking after our environment and living in a way that is sensible and respectful of our natural resources, as much as possible. I'm not fanatical and I don't go to extreme lengths but I do try to buy in-season produce, recycle and we are planning on using reusable nappies.  
I also try to use the more Eco-friendly cleaning materials. So I was really pleased when I discovered Splosh.

Splosh is a relatively new company, started in 2010 by Angus Graham who felt it was a waste to throw away and recycle so many good plastic bottles. He set about coming up with a range of cleaning products that are Eco-friendly, naturally derived, made use of perfectly good bottles again and again and importantly are cost effective.

How it works:
You order a starter pack of the products you would like to use, either 2 or 4 bottles. They arrive through the post.

I ordered a starter pack of 4 bottles; Kitchen cleaner, bathroom cleaner, washing up liquid and laundry detergent.

Inside each bottle is a super concentrated sachet of the product. 
All you have to do is add water and watch the sachets dissolve.

After a couple of Minutes you have a bottle full of a Eco- friendly plant derived cleaning product that smells lovely! 
My favourite smelling so far is the grapefruit washing up liquid.

The starter pack of 4 bottles is £12.95 which you may feel is a bit steep, but the beauty of Splosh is in the refills. For most of the products you can buy 4 refills for between £3.95 and 5.95 which is cheaper per bottle than, Ecover and most other supermarket brands!

After the initial big box of bottles, all of the refills fit through the letter box and there is no waste as the sachets dissolve completely.

I haven't tried all the products splosh have to offer, but the four I have tried are great and i'm considering investing in more.


  1. Save £5 on your starter pack with code F9D201! That brings the price down to around £8 for the 4 pack!

    1. thanks for letting me know, i will share the good news :)

  2. I always thought I was the eco freak but it seems you have beaten me! Sounds great though, I will definitely have to try them out (as long as I can convince Barney!). Kay x x