Thursday, 25 July 2013

Pregnancy update - Week 29

I'm the worst ill person EVER. I moan continually. I want attention and sympathy, but don't want to be fussed over. I want permission to sleep on the sofa, but I will not tolerate being told I should go to bed. I want medicine, but I also distrust doctors and their willingness to hand out drugs willi nilli (yep I said willi nilli)

I know i'm this bad, but somehow I have never managed to get better at being ill, May be in 50 years I will be able to gracefully lounge in bed, accepting visitors with a smile and patience. But I doubt it.

Why am I telling you this in my pregnancy update?

I have a cold and I am ILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL! (said in the whiniest voice you can muster)
This cold is worse then most, precisely because I am growing a bun in my oven.
Last Friday after a night of terrible sleep and being turned away from the dentist- because they didn't want my germs. (It makes sense to me now, but I was fuming at the time.) I decided to visit a pharmacy to see if they could offer me ANY relief, on announcing my presence with a coughing fit and informing the nice lady of my pregnant status I was quickly turned away with only a box of paracetamol and menthol sweets. I then wandered around the supermarket on the verge of tears- because I am that pathetic and the pregnancy hormones have turned me in to a drop-of-the-hat crier.

Also whilst dealing with this melodramatically over stated worst cold EVER, Britain has been in the grip of a heatwave, excellent news for all who are fit and able to enjoy the excessive heat, terrible news for me.

Good news, I went to the doctor monday and have been prescribed anti-biotics, because the cold was moving to my chest and an inhaler, so hopefully I will recover soon and be a little more chirpy, easier to live with and able to something other than mope around watching catch up TV in my Pyjamas.

All of the above was my round about way of informing you that there will be no photo this week, as I have hardly washed, not brushed my hair and worn my pyjamas for 5 of the last 6 days.

I should probably give you some pregnancy related information, as this post is entitled 'Pregnancy update'.

I still have had no cravings. 
I haven't re-weighed myself -I thought it best.
Baby is moving constantly! It freaks me out a little the strength of movement sometimes. 
I can tell when baby has hiccups, which is also weird but cute.
I had my gestational diabetes test and results- good news, I am not diabetic!
I have finished knitting a blanket and am in the process of re-covering our moses basket.
I haven't had too much swelling in my ankles yet.
According to my app baby is 39cm long and his or her bones are now hardening.

Writing this post has been very cathartic, if you have read this far - thanks and well done! Sorry again for lack of photos, I promise I will make up for it next time :)

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