Tuesday, 16 July 2013

The weekends adventures / photos from my phone

This weekend my Mum came to stay (at this juncture I should point out that my weekends are generally 4 days long - I know not fair!) I don't know how it happened but i didn't manage to get and photos of my Mutti, but I did get a few others...

On Friday Mum and I went to West Kirby beach with my brother Robert, the two of us (me and Robert) tried walking to the little island in the distance, (whilst mum sunbathed) 
I didn't make it because I was wearing shorts I didn't want to get wet.

 At this point we were up to our knees and there was still a way to go... this is where we parted ways

 I watched him stride off in to the distance then made my way back to the ice cream van ;)
He returned an hour later, very wet with a bleeding toe
 Friday evening mum and I went to see the Chester mystery plays at the Cathedral. It was a magnificent setting, mum thoroughly enjoyed the evening but for me it was too warm, too uncomfortable and too long!
 I blame the baby.

On Saturday Mum joined Jamie and I for our first NCT nearly new Sale (check out what they are and other stuff for pregnant people or those with Babies here) and scored some bargains, but only after our awesomely generous friends gave us more baby things!

Later that afternoon I had to work, I manned a bottle tombola at a local Carnival, I learnt that tombolas featuring alcohol are very popular! 
We also got to watch a dog herding ducks - naturally.

That evening we played with our new baby things, Oliver was once again our willing pretend baby

Jamie played with the boxes...

Sunday we went to church, and relaxed a lot. 

Monday whilst Jamie and most other people went to work Mum and I had a spa day. It was lovely, a great end to a brilliant weekend.
Thanks Mum for visiting, joining in the fun and pampering me.

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