Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Super Jamie and his cape

A few months ago Jamie asked me if I could make him a cape out of some old youth event t-shirts for him to use at the latest youth event.
I said yes but I would need some time, so only a week before the event I get handed a bundle of t-shirts.

I couldn't get my head around what to do, so I called Rachel for help. 

Between us we measured, did maths and drew up a plan, so we measured again, cut out squares then sewed them together.

Rachel was a veritable sewing machine!

Once we reached the point of sewing the patch work on to the backing we realised that all of our measuring and planning was at some point thrown out of the window and we had completely gone off piste....
Thankfully all we had to do was add a border to the backing to make it work.
We didn't manage to finish the whole cape in one evening so the next day I finished off and attached it to the top of a t-shirt, I was so much heavy fabric might be a bit much to tie around someones neck, attaching it to the top of a t-shirt worked really well! 

Super youth worker!

I think Jamie is happy with his cape...

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