Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Photos from my phone

 On Friday Jamie and I went to see Despicable Me 2.
 It was fun, it wasn't a patch on the first film but Agnes is still super cute and the minions were great as expected. Definitely worth a watch. 
If you haven't seen Despicable Me yet you need to sort it out! 
The best animated film since Toy Story.

This is Oliver Jamie's teddy monkey modelling one of the six reusable Nappies I bought last week. (he is a small monkey)
I may have become a little obsessed with researching nappies. 
They are so cute and colourful and there is the bonus of not tripling our landfill contribution when the little one is born - Win Win!

I bought a load of this beautiful chevron fabric from Abakhan last week. I'm trying to find a good use for it, it is difficult though because I think I like it too much to chop up...

Happily I can still paint my toe nails

I pass this gate on my way to church, the ivy has truly taken over.

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