Tuesday, 9 July 2013

What to do when your crazy husband buys you a whole watermelon...

First take a photo of its magnificance, then become friends, compare bumps and take a "selfie" 

Next ferociously chop it with your biggest knife

Fill the fridge with your wonderfully chopped segments 

Put some in the freezer to see how that turns out- not so good, I was imagining a watermelon ice lolly but it is a bit solid.

Then share the watermelon love and celebration with Fred the tortoise...

As you can see he loved it, but after feeding him this segment I thought I should check whether or not domesticated tortoises are safe to eat watermelon. 
The general online consensus is not :( 
Don't worry I have kept a close eye on him and he seems none the worse for wear. Its a shame really because he loved it! Oh well more for me.

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